About the Help System

This help system is designed to provide you with all of the information you will need to setup and maintain your LiveDesigner Suite site.  You will also find attached to the traditional help system a "Business Guide" which is intended to provide to you with some additional advise on how to be successful with your LiveDesigner Suite Site.  


About the Business Guide

The traditional help system found with this business guide will provide to you the necessary basics to setup and maintain your LiveDesigner Suite (LDS) system.  The traditional help system helps you to understand "how" to setup various pieces of your LDS site, for example, pricing or a design catalog while the business guide will provide you more information on "why" you may want to setup pricing in a particular way.  It will also provide to you areas that you may want to consider or factors to take into account when working through the different processes involved in setting up and maintaining your LDS system.  The business guide is here to compliment the traditional help system by providing you with additional perspective on the areas of your business you may need to modify or adjust in order to be the most successful possible with the online portion of your business.  Every business is unique as is every customer that you will provide your products and services to, so this guide will not be 100% comprehensive for you and is not intended to provide you with all of the answers you may need.  However, this guide will serve to provide you with additional information and much needed perspective and further resources in order to inform you as best as possible what factors to consider when making critical decisions related to your online business.


Navigation Icons

This guide is setup so that as you use the traditional help system you will be able to move from the traditional help system to the business guide and back again by using special icons.


First, as you are working in the traditional help section you will from time to time see icons that look like the following:



Business Guide Icon


Clicking on the above icon while in the traditional help system will take you to the corresponding section of the business guide.  Inversely, when you are working in the business guide and you see the following icon you will be able to return to the relevant section of the traditional help system:



 Help System Icon


Clicking on the above icon while in the business guide will take you to the corresponding section in the help system.


Page "Forward" and Page "Back" Icons

In addition to the above icons that will allow you to switch back and forth between the help system and the business guide, you will also see the following icons.  Both icons will move you forward and backwards through the topics as listed in the table of contents.




Previous Topic                         Next Topic


Navigation "Search"


In addition to moving back and forth through the business guide and help system by using on screen icons you will also be able to search (via the search function or index) for business guide topics.  While using the navigation window to the left of the help screen you can click on the tab that says "Search" to access the search function.




Navigation "Table of Contents"


In addition to using "icons" and the "search" function, you can also navigate through the business guide by searching the "Table of Contents".  Using the navigation window to the left of the help window, click on "Contents".  This will allow you to read through the contents of the business guide the same as you would a novel or a book.  simply click on the topic or section you want to know about.




You will also find "back" and "forward" buttons in the left side navigation pane of the this system.  These function just as the forward and back buttons do on an internet browser.  The below image shows you where to find these buttons.




Bread Crumbs

Bread Crumbs are a handy way to keep from getting lost.  Displayed in the upper left hand corner of the content pane you will see "where" you are currently located within the help system.  The following image provides an example.  You can click on Bread Crumbs just as you would a link and it will take you to the stated content.








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Continue to the first topic in the Business Guide next_topic.png